Access for external users

The portal provides brand information for both internal and external users. Our collaborators outside of ABB need to go through the two-step verification process in order to have access to the content of the branding portal.
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How to access

1. Create your personal myABB account.
2. Request access to the content of

If you already have myABB account, proceed to the next step and request an access.

Please note: This instruction concerns external users only. By default, all ABB employees can browse brand portal without restrictions. If you are experiencing any issues with, please contact Brand Advisory team.

Creating myABB account

Open login panel

Open website and click on the login button.

Please note: We recommend using Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge browsers.

Log in to myABB

To start, simply click on the Sign up button on the login page.

Sign up for your account

Fill the form by providing all required information. Click on sign up button when ready.

Your personal myABB account will be set up in a while. It can be used within all ABB products such as websites or applications, that are available externally.

Requesting access to

Login with myABB account

Once the myABB account is created, go to and click on the login button.

Use your myABB account to log in. Next, you will be re-directed to the main page.

Please open any link visible on the page. After clicking, you will be directed.

To continue, click on the request access button.

Request access form

1. Provide your personal data.

2. Type in the reason that you need an access to the, eg, the name of the project you are working on.

3. If you are an ABB products distibutor or an ABB agent, choose “yes”, and then provide the security codeword (delivered by the distributors team) in the reason field.

4. For the “Your ABB contact person” field, list someone who can confirm that your access to should be granted. It is necessary for verification. Otherwise, your request might get rejected.

Once it is completed, click on the Send request button.

Please remember about captcha test.

Now your request is processed

In case of any problems with your request verification, you or your ABB contact might be asked for additional input.

Once you have successfully gained access, please re-visit to browse its full content.